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We have just over 12,600 rented properties across the North East from Berwick in the North and Darlington in the South catering for a wide range of age groups and family sizes.

Here's a quick guide to how you can get a Bernicia home:

Here's the links to the Choice Based Lettings suppliers who can help you find your new home.
Tees Valley Homefinder
Northumberland Homefinder
Durham Key Options
Tyne and Wear Homes
Sunderland City Council

If you want to find out more about our properties, simply enter the location and property type and size you are interested in and details will appear.

You can then place properties into your shopping basket. Once you`ve chosen your area and property type, you will be able to complete your application enquiry. Remember, you can continue to add into your basket through the application process.

Please note - in applying for a property, you are applying to join our waiting list.

The properties shown on our web pages are presented to give an overview of our estates and schemes and not representative of current vacancies.

Please note age criteria may apply to certain properties and a local connection might be necessary in some rural areas.

We are currently unable to process Transfer Applications through our Website for existing Bernicia Tenants. Please Contact Customer Services on 0344 800 3800 who will be able to assist you in making an application.

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